Minggu, 09 April 2017


This is a reminder for me, but it is my pleasure if it can motivate you too.



“No. You should not stop now. Furthermore, you may not stop now. The most worthwhile things are not easy. You can not sleep all day to achieve your dreams. Well, you can–why not–but if only staring at your dreams is enough.

But, no.

Do it, now. You must wake up and act. Do it, reach your dream.

 Action is the foundational key to all success. Right now, maybe, you have everything you want–thanks to your parents–but somehow, suddenly you will become an adult and you must live without them. You are not a parasite child, are you?

You are going to face this cruel world, so you must be able to stand by your own feet. Don’t ever depend on others for your happiness. You die, they don’t. But when they do, you do. On the other hand, it is obvious that they have their own dreams. Are you sure that for them, for people you are depending on, you are more important than their own dreams? Well, unfortunately, no, you do not have any guarantee.

Push yourself more and realize that you may not be lazy anymore. If you do not train yourself since now, just remember: later can be never. You must know that the best things, the things that matter most, are the most difficult. No pain, no gain. Tenacity matters more than talent.

So, stand up and fight for your future–because nobody will do it except you. Prove the world that you can make people proud by knowing you, your parents proud by having you as their child,

and even though you are yourself, just the way you are,

make yourself proud of yourself.



Don’t stop! You are worthy of everything wonderful.

Love yourself and fighting!!"



“A little more persistence, a little more effort,
and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.”

–Elbert Hubbard

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